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Staatsbad Meinberg

Pflanze im MoorGermany has a long history of therapeutic spa and health resorts. The Romans already recognised the healing properties of the mineral springs, and beginning in the 18th and 19th centuries, Europe's royalty and other aristocrats would meet at the great German spa resort towns.

The state-approved spa resort of Meinberg has been one of the most renowned mineral mud and thermal spas in Germany for more than 300 years. Its natural healing elements are sulphur mud, mineral springs and dry carbonic acid that are locally extracted from nature and then used in the treatments. The Staatsbad Meinberg has the biggest balneologically utilised deposits of carbonic acid gas in the world.

Our traditional spa resort offers rehabilitation therapies for inpatients, classic spa treatments, spa packages for specific medical conditions, a great variety of wellness treatments, yoga, many touristic highlights in the near surroundings, and a wide cultural entertainment programme. Bad Meinberg is the ideal destination for your health and wellbeing – for a weekend trip or a three-week spa treatment.

The town of Horn-Bad Meinberg with its 16 districts and 19,000 inhabitants is situated in North Rhine Westphalia in the idyllic setting of the Teutoburg Forest and Egge Mountains nature park. The spa resort of Bad Meinberg itself is nestled between the foothills of the Teutoburg Forest at an altitude of 210 meters and is protected from the winds of the North and East. The climate here is mild yet at the same time revitalising.

Today's fast-moving world puts a lot of pressure on the individual and consequently our desire for some peace and quiet is growing. So take the time and treat yourself to a well deserved break – visit Staatsbad Meinberg and find yourself. We will teach you methods of relaxation and an exercise routine that can be used in everyday life to make a lasting change.

Enjoy and explore the beautiful scenery on well-signposted hiking and cycling trails – through green meadows and fragrant forests.

Be in harmony with nature and yourself! Find your inner peace, revitalize, find the balance and gather new strength. The Staatsbad Meinberg offers you the optimal conditions to do something for yourself and your health. 




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Staatsbad Meinberg is a resort focused on your health
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